DESSINI 10 IN 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Time Crunched? You Can Cook Faster! - 70% FASTER!!!

This 6L, High Quality Electric pressure cooker is the perfect tool for a time-crunched lifestyle.

Its sleek, pre-programmed & 100% Explosion Proof.

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This Pressure Cooker is made of an Extremely Durable material guaranteeing to serve you for a long time!

It also features a stainless steel non-stick inner pot that offers more effective heat conduction to reduce your cooking time.

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What Do You Feel Like Cooking TODAY?

This Time Saver Magic features pre-programmed menus for a diverse range of food, giving you less hassle when cooking!

All you have to do is add the ingredients, select a meal Preset, Sit back and wait for some minutes for the food to cook.

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Its literally several appliances in one!

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Enjoy trying out new recipes and cooking to PERFECTION.

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WAS KSH. 10,000/=

NOW KSH. 8,499/=


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Note : Delivery fee in Nairobi, Kiambu and Kajiado counties varies with Location.
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Do you really need this?

You will love this ONLY if you:

1. Love appliances that perform the function of many appliances, saving you your time, money and kitchen Space,

2.Don’t mind cooking 70% faster & saving time,

3. Want to seal in your food’s steam to maintain natural food nutrients for healthier meals,

4. Love to save time & hassles with Pre-programmed menus,

5. Wonna try new recipes to perfection hassle free,

6. Are looking for Large for whole family or guests over!

…And More!!!