12Pcs Aromatherapy Essential oil Pack for Indoors Humidifier – ZPC1004

  • 100% Pure and Natural– Free from additives
  • Multiple Fragrances and captivating scents 
  • Relaxation, Stress Relief and Wellness Boost
  • Versatile Usage– Can be used used in diffusers, humidifiers etc
  • Thoughtful Packaging to maintain their freshness and potency.
  • Perfect Gift– You can gift yourself, Or a Loved one

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Each bottle contains a unique blend of aromatic compounds that capture the essence of nature. Whether you’re looking to relax, rejuvenate, or find balance, these essential oils offer a natural solution for your everyday needs. The pack includes a wide range of popular essential oils, such as lavender, Orange, Rose, Lemon, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and others – Each oil having its own distinct properties and benefits, allowing you to customize your aromatherapy experience.6 12pcs Essential Oils For Aromatherapy Diffusers Massage Rose help Aroma Oil Oil Sleep Lavender Fragrances.jpg - Zidi Collections s l1600 3 - Zidi Collections s l1600 4 - Zidi Collections s l1600 5 - Zidi Collectionss l1600 - Zidi Collections s l1600 10 - Zidi Collections s l1600 6 - Zidi Collections s l1600 8 e1692368842469 - Zidi Collections
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