300W Powerful Outdoor Intelligent LED Solar-powered Security Light – ZLL1010

  • Excellent Quality Durable Design
  • 300W Power Rating
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Can be used in all Weather Condition
  • Intelligent Power Saving
  • Large capacity battery to Last a long time
  • Powerful LEDs lights
  • Perfect for any outdoor Space

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This Intelligent Solar Light is the perfect gadget to Light up your lawn, garden, garage, backyard or any other outdoor space. It’s rated at 300W with extremely powerful LEDs, and a large Solar-charged battery that will last a long time. It’s also equipped with motion sensors, the appliance brightens the lights to keep away an intruder, and dims when no motion is detected to save energy!  Installation is a Breeze since it does not require wiring, and you have the option to install it in the ground with the pole in the package. Oh,  and it’s Solar-Powered so you won’t get any hike in Electricity Bills.

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Hassle-free Installation

Since No Wiring is required, Installing this handy gadget is extremely easy! You only have to put on three screws on the wall, and voila! – You’ll enjoy a lifetime convenience. You  can also stick it on the ground with plastic pole that comes with the package.

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Motion Sensing Technology

With the inbuilt motion sensors , the Powerful LED lights brightens up whenever motion is detected and dims whenever no motion is detected to save energy.

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No Electricity Bills

This handy gadget wholly uses solar energy to charge the large inbuilt battery so there will be no increase in your homestead Energy Consumption.

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Rough Weather? No Problem!

This gadget can be used in any weather. It’s waterproof so you can use it during heavy rains without any damage, and the extremely durable design makes it perfect for scorching sun.

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