5 LITRES Aluminum EXPLOSION PROOF Pressure Cooker (Over 5-Year Use Rubber Sealing)


7Ltrs——-2,499/-  (Click or Tap to Purchase this capacity)

9Ltrs——-2,799/-  (Click or Tap to Purchase this capacity)

11Ltrs——-3,299/- (Click or Tap to Purchase this capacity)

15Llts——-3,999/- (Click or Tap to Purchase this capacity)

  • EXPLOSION PROOF High Grade Aluminum Pressure Cooker
  • Rubber Sealing good for up-to 5 YEARS of use without need for replacement
  • Scientific Design for Maximum Safety and Efficiency
  • Save Energy – Cook up to 70% Faster
  • Enjoy Naturally Tenderized Meat
  • High-grade Polished Aluminum Mirror Finishing
  • Capacity: 5L,7L,9L,11L,15L
  • Thickness: 2.5mm

KSh2,299 KSh2,599

Cook 70% Faster and Save on Gas/Electricity/Charcoal

Enjoy quick and easy meals with delicious and tasty food. This explosion proof  Pressure Cooker cooks 70% faster, ensuring that you spend less time cooking and save Energy!



A cool-touch design, safety locking lid and it is constructed of high quality aluminum and is designed to promote
efficient cooking. The Scientific and Unique design makes the Pressure cooker EXPLOSION PROOF!

This EXPLOSION PROOF Pressure Cooker is made of High Grade Aluminum.  Aluminum has a high heat conductivity and distributes heat evenly.


Manual/How To Use: (Manual available in the box)

1. Closing and Locking The Lid
Step One: Revolve the elastic knob on the lid in the anti-clockwise direction to make the elastic press ridge descend close to the lid.

Step two: Place the lid and rotate it to align the edges of the elastic press ridge to the ears.

Step three: Revolve the elastic knob in the clockwise direction. This raises the Elastic press Ridge to create contact with the locking side of the ears. Rotate the knob to make sure you get the best possible seal.

2. Install The Pressure-Limiting Valve

– Insert the pressure vertically into the base

3. Reduce Pressure BEFORE Opening The Lid
– Lift the pressure-limiting valve slowly to release all the vapor and reduce pressure.
– Once you release all the pressure, you can safely open the lid by rotating the Plastic knob.


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