Biaowang New Style School/Travel/Business Backpack-ZBP 1074

Key Features

  • High-Quality Anti-theft Laptop Backpack
  • Exclusive anti-theft system with inverted opening
  • USB & Headphone interphase
  • Secret pocket on the back of the backpack
  • Special compartment for notebook up to 15 inches and tablet
  • Adjustable and reinforced handles with anatomical shape
  • Has bottle holder pocket
  • Double Layer Explosion-proof Zipper
  • Built-in Umbrella Bag

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Biaowang New Style School/Travel/Business Backpack-ZBP 1074

Product Details

The complete backpack to carry everything you need with the greatest security and convenience…

The Anti-theft Backpack is sophisticated and modern, has a great internal space and is full of technological innovations, all thought out exclusively for your well-being and bringing practicality and comfort to your life. You will just love this backpack.
Made of waterproof polyester and PU with an exclusive anti-theft design, it has an inverted opening, that is, the main zip that opens the entire backpack is on the back and no one will be able to open it if it is on the owner’s back. It has several internal and external partitions to better meet your needs, accommodating your Notebook up to 15 inches with the greatest comfort and safety, and also has several other compartments for your tablet, umbrella, camera, etc..

High-Quality Anti-theft Laptop Backpack With Zip-lock

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