15.6″ Biaowang High Quality Durable Partitioned Padded Laptop Travel/Work/School Backpack – ZBP1055

  • Strong double layered metal zippers
  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Reinforced straps on pressure points
  • Special Umbrella/bottle pocket
  • Multiple, different size compartments
  • Modern, unique minimalistic design
  • Excellent shoulder and back padding
  • Perfect for Work and Light travels

KSh2,199 KSh3,000

Whether going to work, school or just travelling, this modern antitheft backpack features practical and handy specs to make it your daily driver! It features a great internal space with compartmentalized interior for all your needs. The durable material is water-resistant to protect your belongings from water splashes or small rain showers. You can easily fit your 15.6 inch laptop, books, documents,  camera, clothes and other item you might need depending on the occasion.  The back and shoulder straps are well padded and breathable to ensure maximum comfort whenever you’re carrying it, to ease pressure on your back and shoulders. The materials are extremely durable, so you can use it for a loong time, and with the modern elegant design, you’ll definitely stand out.

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The back and shoulder straps are breathable and very well padded to provide cushioning and prevent back/shoulder strains whenever you’re carrying it around. The straps are also reinforced, with durable buckles, so you’re guaranteed they’ll last a loong time.

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The Interior has multiple compartments, of different sizes, to help you stay organized and carry everything you need depending on your travel needs – clothes, laptop, gadgets, notebook, pens etc. The multiple back pockets also gives you some extra storage whenever you need it. The bag also features a meshed side pockets for umbrella, or a water bottle, whichever fits the occasion.

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The bag also features some high quality double zippers that are also super durable so you can use the bag for a loong time without worrying about it embarrassing you in public. Speaking of public, the modern minimalistic elegant design gives you that professional look, so you can always stand out.

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