DSP 2 in1 Burger maker+ free gift burger shaper – ZKD1030

  • Very simple and convenient
  • The machine is small in size
  • Portable, with a petty bourgeoisie
  • High-quality stainless steel front casing
  • Food grade interior with non-stick baking tray
  • Fuel tank that has a funnel-shaped oil design that filters out excess fat and grease.
  • Easy to clean

KSh3,000 KSh4,000

DSP 2 in1 Burger maker+ free gift burger shaper ZKD1030

This small nonstick hamburger or sandwich maker machine is made of high quality steel shell on the front and the inner is made of imported non-stick baking sheet. It’s size is mainly made of round or square veal. If the buyer’s beef is too big, please process the size of beef first. It has versatile use: in addition to small steaks, the device can process burgers, omelets, etc. Very simple and convenient. The device is very small, very small and very portable. It’s healthy design is delivered with a fuel tank. The machine baking tray has a funnel-shaped oil structure to filter out excess fat and fat, making the special food design also tastier and the body healthier. Anti-skid mat design on the back is safe and can also be wrapped around the cord. The machine is easier to store and place.

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