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[Grades 2-5] New Disney Frozen large capacity kids school backpack – ZBP-1102

  • Beautiful, colorful design
  • High quality waterproof fabric
  • Effective tear resistance
  • Super light and comfortable on child’s back
  • Soft, breathable shoulder strap
  • Durable stainless steel zipper
  • Multi-pocket
  • Spacious size: 29 x 17 x 40 cm

KSh1,499 KSh2,000

This colorful curved Disney bags are anti-humpback. The back pad is designed to apply to the back without being exposed, does not make the baby uncomfortable, absorbs sweat well, has a soft cushion to help reduce the weight of things on the child’s shoulders, avoid sagging shoulders and The design of the pad helps to prevent the back from hunching. The pair of box-shaped anti-hunchback backpacks has a smartly designed back cushion, floating tendons, minimizing pain and discomfort in the shoulder or back, so that the baby is comfortable even when wearing the backpack for a long time. Light weight with a safe spine pad that has been tested and certified to ensure health requirements. The pair will help limit back and shoulder curvature in your baby. The side design has two small pockets on both sides for babies to hold water bottles, milk. The main compartment has a main compartment and many auxiliary compartments, so it is comfortable to store school supplies for children.

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