Hand held Clothes Steamer/Ironing

Ceramic coated bottom plate is high temperature resistant corrosion resistant fast thermal conductivity uniform and smooth heating not easy to stick clothes take care of your beloved clothes.


  • Water tank capacity: 80ml
  • Product model: EL6001
  • Rated evaporation rate: >32mlmn
  • Rated voltage: 220V-50z
  • Outlet steam temperature: about 98C

KSh1,499 KSh1,650

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Instructions for use
First adjust the temperature control knob on the machine to off, then add water, power on, and then adjust the temperature control rotary switch, the indicator light will not light up if the temperature control switch is not adjusted.
When the red indicator is on, do not press the steam button or it will cause water leakage. When adding water to the water tank, turn off the temperature control switch before adding water, otherwise it will cause water leakage.
When you want to use steam ironing, you must rotate the temperature control to the MAX position, other positions will not have steam.
This product can be used as a steam ironing machine or a flat iron. The compact and portable multi-function design is suitable for single white-collar workers who travel frequently and travel.
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