NEW ARRIVAL Intelligent Solar-powered Security outdoor Light with Motion Sensor – ZLL1002

  • Powerful, rotatable to mimic a CCTV
  • Inbuilt motion sensor to automatically brighten up when it senses movement
  • No batteries needed
  • No wires needed
  • Waterproof– works in any weather
  • Comes with mounting screws and wall plugs
  • Stays on All night
  • Set and forget. No maintenance or charging needed
  • Great quality materials for durability


  • Powerful sensor works up to 25 ft.
  • 8 powerful LEDs that are each 4Watt.
  • Brightness covers up to 600 feet
  • Color temperature – 6,500 Kelvins or daylight

KSh1,900 KSh3,500

This Intelligent Solar Light & Dummy Security Camera is the perfect appliance to keep your home safe and intruders away! With the Bright LEDs, the inbuilt motion sensors, the appliance brightens the lights to keep away an intruder, and dims when no motion is detected to save energy! It’s designed to realistically mimic a CCTV camera, to ward off potential intruders. It’s Easy to install since it does not require wiring, and the adjustable  Solar-Panel so you won’t get any increase in Electricity Bills. Oh, and with the inbuilt Remote Control Support, you won’t have to physically control it with the Physical buttons, you get more control options and offers more convenience.819myZGYzrL. SL1500 1 - Zidi Collections

90° Rotating Mounted Solar Panel 

The strong movable hinge on the mounted solar panel ensures that you can correctly position it to face the sun for faster and more convenient charging. The base is 360° rotatable so it can face any direction.

90 - Zidi Collections

No Electricity Bills

This nifty gadget uses purely solar energy to charge the inbuilt 2400mAH battery so there will be no increase in your homestead Energy Consumption.

81rV9wdqelL. AC SL1500 - Zidi Collections

Realistic CCTV security camera Design 

The Designs Accurately mimics a CCTV Camera, to the last detail to ensure potential intruders are warded Off warn  intruders. It also features an inbuilt motion sensors where the lights brightens whenever motion is detected, and dims when no object is in no focus to save energy.

motion 2 - Zidi CollectionsH3fb356a63a4b4041b2f77c24bb2b7f016 - Zidi Collections

Rough Weather? No Problem!

This gadget can be used in any weather. It’s waterproof so you can use it during heavy rains without any damage, and the extremely durable design makes it perfect for scorching sun.81pcV7f6FfL. SL1500 e1684149890150 - Zidi Collectionswaterproof 2 - Zidi Collections

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