Redberry Ornate Insulated Hotpots – Set of 4 Pieces – ZKD – 1186


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  • 4pcs Ornate Insulated Non Stick Casserole Hotpots With Lids
  • Cook faster
  • Insulated retain heat for fresh meal
  • A set of 4pcs
  • Durable material

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  • Great For Parties, Dinner And Holiday – Will Keep Your Soup, Salads… Warm, Fresh And Gusto For Your Guest, Family, Or Friends.. Trendy and Stylish Design ~ Will Be An Eye-Catching Enhancement On Your Elegant Set Table!!!
  •  Very Versatile – An Essential In Every Kitchen ~ Great For Busy Moms With Staggering Meal Times – Keeps The Food Warm Till Mealtime Rolls Around ~ Hassle Free!!! Healthy!!! No Need To Microwave – Saves Essential Nutrients and Vitamins
  • Easy Carrying From Kitchen To Table– Cool Outer Touch Even With Hot Or Cold Foods Inside – 2 Handles with Locking Lid
  •  Convenient Sizes Perfect For Every Occasion or Household Use – BPA-free
  • Easy Serving When preparing a meal for many individuals, everyone can enjoy the same hot or cold food at different times. Then serve right from this sleek dish! Avoid reheating and preserve more of the food’s essential nutrients.
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