Signature 13pc Heavy Gauge Non Stick Cooking Pots Cookware Set – ZKD1157

  • Cooking Pots: 22,24,26 & 28cm each with glass lid
  • Sauce Pan 16cm with lid
  • Deep frying Pan 28cm with glass lid
  • Pan 24cm
  • Signature brand; easy to clean

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These set of Non Stick Cookware Pan sufurias is the ideal you need for your cooking.  It has 13 Granite Marble Cookware Set sufurias with Glass lids.  Wash gently with a scrubberAvoid using steel wool completely to avoid scratching the inner coating.  Quality is guaranteed.  Once you’re done cooking with them,  you can still use them to present food on the table. As they’re well made to also be used for serving. This gives them a multipurpose function.  As you can cook & present food on them as serving bowls.  They’re made of granite material.  Use wooden or plastic spoons to cook or serve with them to avoid scratching.

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